Shakespeare Globe Centre New Zealand is a life-skills enhancing organisation. Essentially a voluntary, not-for-profit organisation it was established in 1991 with a major focus on education, encouraging the performance and study of Shakespeare from an early age. It has strong links with Shakespeare's Globe in London.


AIM To enrich and enhance life skills through the study, production and performance of Shakespeare's works by facilitating Regional and National University of Otago Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festivals, as an integral part of Shakespeare Globe Centre New Zealand's (SGCNZ) education programmes, based on the goals and working practices of Shakespeare's Globe, London.

NB Home Schooling Groups may enter in their own right.


The Regional Festivals (SGCNZ UOSWSF) are held in twenty-four centres throughout New Zealand, coordinated nationally by the SGCNZ Chief Executive and supported by Regional Representatives who facilitate each Regional Festival.

Please register your entry to your Regional Festival via the online form at for the Regional Festivals.

Get your entries in as soon as possible as once registered you can go back to your registration form to make changes and updates.

View a PDF of the closing dates for entries in each region

DATES FOR THE REGIONAL FESTIVALS: These dates are set by the Regions. All Regional Festivals must be completed no later than Friday 12 April 2019 (by the end of Term I).

Any later dates make it impossible administratively as well as creating travel and accommodation difficulties for participants. The earlier the Festivals the easier for all concerned.

Selections for the National Festival
From each of the Regional Festivals ONE fifteen-minute adult- or student-directed scene, and ONE five-minute student-directed excerpt, are selected by one or more Assessors to be performed at the National Festival. NB Performances are eligible for NCEA assessment.

Please note: In order to capture an outstanding student not in a group selected to attend SGCNZ's National UOSWSF, one student over 15 years old on 1 March 2019 may also be chosen from each Regional Festival for Direct Entry to SGCNZ's "life- changing" National Shakespeare Schools Production.

If selected, book fares and accommodation as soon as possible to get the best deals!


DATE: Queen’s Birthday Weekend, Thursday 30 May – Monday 3 June 2019
For the four stimulating days of SGCNZ’s National UOSWSF approximately 520 students from 24 regions gather in Wellington to perform their 15 min and 5 min scenes to their peers and the public. They also participate in workshops taken by leading theatre exponents and practitioners, attend lectures and make enduring friendships. Three Assessors provide oral feedback and written reports, and make awards, assisted by some of the award donors. Throughout the duration of this Festival the designated eligible students will be assessed for compatibility, willingness to learn and suitability for selection for NSSP.

All selected students MUST attend ALL of the National Festival as defined on back page.
Any group wanting to skip parts of it will be replaced by one eager to be there all the time.


DATE: 29 September - 7 October 2019 (during the school holidays) in Wellington
At the National UOSWSF approx 24 more students will be selected to attend NSSP - a week-long intensive workshop studying aspects of Shakespeare with leading tutors and, with 3 directors, working on scenes from 3 of Shakespeare’s plays. These 48 students, chosen from some 5500 nationwide, conclude the week with 2 public performances. They are joined by the Supreme Winners of the SGCNZ Costume Design and SGCNZ/Morrison Music Trust Shakespeare Music Composition Competitions. The cost is $1100, plus travel.


DATE: 4 July – 23 July 2019 (mostly during mid-year school holidays)
Throughout NSSP week, the students will be assessed for compatibility, willingness to learn and suitability to be chosen as one of approximately 24 to form SGCNZ YSC 2020. This group, at their own expense (around $9000), will travel to the UK for a comprehensive nearly 3 week study tour, coordinated by the SGCNZ with WP Maher Tours and Shakespeare Globe Education, London. The schedule includes being rehearsed by a Globe Director and performing on the Globe stage, theatre tours, a Shakespeare Rally, attending performances, workshops, talkshops; then historical Shakespeare ‘scene setting’, tours and performances in Stratford-Upon-Avon. SGCNZ Teachers Go Global will take place again in 2020. Applications open.


Costume design, Music Composition, Static Image/Poster, DVD Cover, Essay: School Friends subscription of Shakespeare Globe Centre New Zealand $200 (including GST) per school or Home School Cluster Group subscription of $110 (including GST) covers all entries. Schools must be financial members at the time of participation in their Regional Festival and the National Festival. Subscription year 1 April - 31 March
For this schools receive 4 Newsletters per annum, event discounts and other information and opportunities, including 10% discount on Shakespeare Globe's online shop.


Registration is now available online: or

Get your entries in as soon as possible as once registered you can go back to your registration form to make changes and updates.

View a PDF of the closing dates for entries in each region

Your online registration form will be reactivated if your group is selected for the National Festival.

Groups not selected who wish to attend the National Festival will be able to access information about that on the website in April 2017.

CRITERIA - Please read carefully

-Students must be from Year 7 - 13; ages no younger than 11 or older than 19. Proportion of Year 7 & 8s must not exceed 20% of the cast and have an extra supervising adult
-Students wishing to be considered for selection for SGCNZ NSSP must be 15 years or over on 1 March 2019.
-Performances may be set in any context, period or place, as long as the essence and integrity of Shakespeare's play is retained
-Assessment is made on understanding and delivery of the text, interpretation of characters and theme, vitality and overall impression
-Read and be familiar with the whole play
-Appropriate inclusion of other performing art forms as well as acting is encouraged
-Attention should be paid to connection with the audience, mindful that the plays were written for audiences in full view of, and acknowledged by, actors
-Consideration should be given to use of space and movement
-Schools/Home School Cluster Groups choose in which region they perform, but may participate in only one region

15 Minute SCENES - Adult- or Student-directed for 2 or more speaking actors (NOT only monologues)

Selection:Scene(s) from any one of Shakespeare's plays may be performed
Script: Script must be Shakespeare's words from only one play, but may be edited - i.e. cut.
Strongly text-based performances are encouraged

No less than 10 min; no more than 15 mins
Fifteen (15) minutes from curtain open to close must not be exceeded
Scenes at Regional Festivals which are outside these times will not be eligible for selection for the National UOSWSF Scenes at the National Festival outside these times will not receive awards

5 Minute EXCERPTS - Student-directed for 2 or more speaking actors (NOT only monologues)

Selection:Short scenes/excerpts or duologues from any one of Shakespeare's plays
Script: Script must be Shakespeare's words from only one play, but may be edited - ie cut
Timing:Min 4 mins; max 5 mins
Five (5) minute maximum from curtain open to close must not be exceeded
Scenes running outside these times will be treated as above

A poem or sonnets by Shakespeare may be acted as long as there are two or more speaking actors on stage at the same time and the durations are still as above. Editing is permitted though integrity of the meaning must be retained.


-Simplicity is most effective - "let imaginary forces work"
-All scenery and props must be set up and struck afterwards within 2 minutes
-Tables and chairs will be provided
- Mess e.g. feathers, petals, must be thoroughly cleaned up by groups creating it


-Simplicity is again encouraged
-Basic lighting only is available and an operator supplied - there is just not enough time for lighting changes to be set
-The Hall windows will be blacked out
-No naked flames, including candles or smoke machines


-The use of live music, own instruments, and singing, are strongly encouraged
-Setting of Shakespeare's words to music preferred to other lyrics
-Dance may be incorporated where appropriate
-Sound can only be operated from the wings
-CD player is available


Partial or complete translations of Shakespeare's words may be used. A copy MUST be sent to the Regional Representative for checking by a national of that language or other appropriate person.

National Organiser

Dawn Sanders, ONZM, QSM - SGCNZ Founder/Chief Executive Phone: 04 384 1300 (w)/476 8369 (h)
& Shakespeare Globe Council, London Member Mobile: 027 283 6016
P O Box 17 215Fax: 04 384 1301 (w)/476 8754 (h)
Wellington 6147Email:


SGCNZ is most grateful to the University of Otago, Creative New Zealand, Hotel InterContinental, Trinity College London, Sheilah Winn Charitable Trust, Wellington City Council, TG Macarthy Trust, Sargood Bequest, KPMG, Wellington East Girls’ College, other sponsors and personal donors for assistance towards SGCNZ’s annual University of Otago Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival. We also gratefully acknowledge the essential further assistance from other venues and sponsors nationwide, donors of awards, the Regional Representatives and thousands of volunteers, teachers, students, parents and others without whose help these Festivals would not happen.

All students MUST attend from Thursday 30 May, 3pm to at least 9.30pm Sunday 2 June

PLEASE NOTE: MFC stage plan is posted on the website.


- Michael Fowler Centre (MFC), 111 Wakefield Street, Wellington
- Wellington East Girls' College, Austin Street, Wellington 6011
- Te Auaha, Whitireia WelTec, 65 Dixon Street, Te Aro, Wellington 6011
- Grand Hall, Parliament, Molesworth Street, Wellington


- Tbc - Writer/Actor/Director/Producer, London UK
- Tbc - International Examiner, Trinity College London UK
- NZ assessor

DRAFT Schedule: **Please note new registration and performance venues.**

View a PDF of the National Schedule

SGCNZ NATIONAL UOSWSF AWARDS (Groups outside time limits will be ineligible.)

This is a Festival rich in creative learning and enjoyment in participation; it is not a competition. Benefits abound from the total experience and participants should absorb what they can from every moment on offer throughout the Festival.

To acknowledge the time, research, leadership, effort, excellence, energy and skills, various awards will be presented. Recipients will be selected by the Assessors, or by their donors or nominees.

Awards have been generously donated by

Paul Foster-Bell, Johan Barton, Christopher Finlayson, Dan Fraser, Dale & Nina Hendry, Curly Del'Monte (Memorial Award), Drama New Zealand, Frona King (Memorial Award), Morrison Music Trust, Nanette Wright, Nelson Colleges 1995 Theatre Arts Class, NZ Theatre Federation, SGCNZ Organisers, Patricia Smyth, Patrick Spottiswoode,, Speech Communication Association, Speech New Zealand, Peter Vere-Jones, Sam Wanamaker (Memorial Award), Wellington Shakespeare Society, Sheilah Winn CBE (Memorial Award), Toi Whakaari:NZ Drama School, Tony Wolf, Trinity College London

We reserve the right to withhold awards if there is no suitable recipient.

SGCNZ may provide a very limited amount towards cost of travel in hardship cases. Profit from door takings at Regional Festivals should be used to assist groups travel to the National Festival. Other fund-raising should begin by groups immediately on selection at their SGCNZ Regional UOSWSF.


View a PDF of accommodation options

WARNING: Drugs and other illegal substances are strictly prohibited. Police will be notified of anyone caught with or using them. Offenders will be banned from attending the remainder of the Festival. No smoking or alcohol is permitted within any of the venues.
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