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Please read the SGCNZ Board Policies before filling in an entry form. Click "I Agree" to proceed.

Shakespeare Globe Centre New Zealand's Board Policies

in relation to SGCNZ's University of Otago Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festivals, SGCNZ National Shakespeare Schools Production and Young Shakespeare Company

SGCNZ University of Otago Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festivals (SGCNZ UOSWSF)

i) Small Regional Festivals:

A limit is being placed on very small Regional Festivals regarding the number of groups which may be selected.

Policy: In regions in which only two schools are participating with less than a total of 15 scenes, only one group may be selected to perform at the National Festival.

This may be either a 5 minute or 15 minute scene.

ii) Large Regional Festivals:

Conversely, greater representation is permitted for very large regions.

Policy: If there are either 300 or more individuals participating, or more than 15 different schools, or 50 or more scenes in a Regional Festival, the Assessors are permitted to select 3 groups to attend the National Festival.

iii) Scene durations:

Time durations of scenes must be adhered to by performers and assessors alike. Scenes are of 5 minute or 15 minute duration.


15 minute scenes - must be no more than 15 minutes and no less than 10 minutes

5 minute scenes - must be no more than 5 minutes and no less than 4 minutes

Scenes over or under these times are ineligible for selection for the National Festival.

If over or under at the National Festival, they cannot receive any scene awards. Individuals may still be selected for awards or SGCNZ NSSP.

iv) Participant Age limits:

Policy:Students in groups selected for the National Festival must be a minimum of 11 years and under 20 years old. There may be up to 20% of Year 7 and 8 students in a scene and an extra supervising adult must accompany them.

Higher percentages of younger students may participate in scenes in Regional Festivals, should the Regional Representative choose to accommodate them, but those groups would be ineligible for selection for the National Festival.

v) Homeschoolers:

Policy: It was agreed that Homeschoolers be allowed to participate in SGCNZ's Competitions and in its Festivals as groups in their own right, with their Cluster being required to join as a Group Friend of SGCNZ.

vi) SGCNZ Friends Fee:

Policy: Schools and Homeschool Clusters participating in SGCNZ Regional and National UOSWSF must pay the relevant SGCNZ Friends Fee to SGCNZ - no other charge should be levied by other parties.

Policy: Individuals entering SGCNZ's allied Competitions in Costume Design, Music Composition, Video Title Card, Poster & Static Image Design and Essay may enter under their School's/Homeschool Cluster Group Friends' Fee or as individual Student Friends.

SGCNZ must be notified if you are no longer wishing to retain Friend Membership and the receive the inherent benefits.

vii) Use of text:

Policy: Use of Shakespeare's text is imperative. Permission must be gained from the CEO for any deviations, even for those deemed essential for sense purposes.

Policy: Translations into other languages are permitted as long as they remain faithful to the text.

viii) Translations:

1) Use of translations of Shakespeare into other languages is acceptable

2) ...with the proviso that a full script is given to the Regional Rep a minimum of 2 weeks in advance

3) ...that the Reg Rep has a fluent speaker of the language 'vet' the translation (to ensure that it is a fair and non-contentious translation)

4) ...that a speaker of the language is present during that scene's performance.

ix) Compulsory attendance at National Festival (SGCNZ National UOSWSF)

All those selected to attend/participate in the National Festival must attend every performance and scheduled component of the event.

Policy: Attendance from 3pm on Thursday 30 May is encouraged. It is compulsory at all sessions at the National Festival (UOSWSF) from Friday morning 9.15am 31 May at Wellington East Girls' College till the end of the Award Ceremony at 9.30pm on Sunday evening.

Attendance is highly recommended till the end of the Feedback session on Monday 3 June at Parliament, or even noon, in order to hear the Guest Assessor.

The CEO has the discretion to make allowances only in very exceptional circumstances.

x) Health & Safety:

Policy: It is essential and vital for all groups, including their Supervisor, to attend the scheduled Health & Safety briefings at the SGCNZ UOSWSFs with the locally or SGCNZ appointed personnel.

xi) Damage:

Policy: Any student causing wilful damage at the Regional or National UOSWSF will be responsible for covering the repair costs involved and will be ineligible for awards or selection for SGCNZ NSSP.

SGCNZ Regional UOSWSF > SGCNZ National Shakespeare Schools Production (SGCNZ NSSP)

i) Direct Entry to SGCNZ NSSP:

There is an opportunity for Regional Assessors to select one person to attend NSSP by direct entry. This may be done where there is an outstanding actor in a Regional Festival who is not in a scene chosen to be performed at the National Festival.

Policy: Direct Entry student and students selected from the National Festival must be 15 years or more on 1 March of the year of NSSP.

Policy: If there is no outstanding actor outside a group chosen to attend the National Festival, no selection should be made (allowing more to be chosen from the top performers at the National Festival).

SGCNZ Young Shakespeare Company (SGCNZ YSC)

i) Attendance:

Policy: Attendance is required at all scheduled sessions of the SGCNZ Young Shakespeare Company programme in England. Special requests from parents and students wanting to undertake side activities and personal visits during scheduled times will be refused.

Kerry Maher of Maher Escorted Tours is very willing to make bookings for students to arrive earlier or stay later in order to accommodate extra activities and personal visits.

Policy: All students must attend all scheduled sessions of SGCNZ YSC, whatever their nature. Personal activities and/or visits may be made in scheduled free time and then only with the knowledge beforehand of the Tour Escort.

Consequences: Students who do not adhere to the above policy may be sent back to NZ, with the additional change of booking and any other resulting expenses paid by the student, parent/s or caregiver.

- SGCNZ Trust Board

- 7 December 2009

Updated: December 2012; December 2013; February 2014; December 2014; December 2015; December 2016; October 2017; May 2018; Jan 2019

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